New Year, New Beginning, New You 

I have recently been encountered with something that used to bother me a lot, it was the idea that I have heard in many spiritual communities that whatever you experience and whoever comes into your life experience is a mirror reflection of you. This refers to the idea for example, that if you are only […]

Getting Out of The Way 

Getting yourself out of the way and being in a state of flow. What does it take to get yourself out of the way and have a connection to pure source and energy? In order to create the life you want and have more connection to source, it’s important to have your ego self out […]

You are A Creator LOA

It can be helpful to remember that you are more than you think, and I mean this in a good way. You have the ability to increase your level of awareness no matter what your circumstance or condition. But first it helps to reflect on whether you feel you are the creator in your life […]

Shine some love on it

Welcome to show 3! I’m so happy to have you hear and wish you all so much happiness, love and goodness in every part of your lives. Have you ever thought of yourself as a generator? Meaning, have you ever thought that you are a small energy machine. If we stop and think about it, […]

Practical Love for Manifestation

Hello everyone! This is Dr. Sara Spowart with Happiness LearnedJ I am here today to share with you some wonderful new questions from clients that I wanted to explore with you today. And please as always- feel free to send me any and all questions you may have! Something I have found interesting is that […]

The Value of Happiness & Becoming Aware of Our Own Energy- Step 1 

There is a power to awareness of our own energy. The problem is we get so caught up in it we don’t even realize we are entrenched already. This is how we get caught in traps, cycles and loops. Around and round, it goes, and we cycle over and over. Why does this matter? It […]

Freedom From Programs 

One of the important things to understand about our wellness and wellbeing is that it is intimately tied to our beliefs. But how do you even identify and see your beliefs? If something just seems like reality to you it can be hard to question it. It’s like if you were a fish in a […]

Pulling Your Energy Back In 

I get a lot of questions from clients on how to create the life they’d like for themselves. Part of this starts with deciding to commit to taking all your energy back in so that you have the fullest level of power and strength to attract or manifest what it is you are trying to […]

Sadness at the Holidays 

Why is there sadness sometimes at the holidays? Have you ever noticed this?? I have been flooded with clients the last couple weeks that are having severe depression, sadness and suicidal ideation. I would like to say this is unusual but unfortunately, it’s not. I tend to see spikes in suicidal ideation, severe depression and […]

Freedom From Roles and Should 

Today something I wanted to talk to you about was if we are programmed or not to be unhappy. What I mean by this is not that that we are programmed like robots or a computer exactly. It’s more that, what is normal, is being bombarded by ideas of how we should behave or be. […]