Embrace The Journey of Authenticity & Self Acceptance.

Embark on a voyage of self-discovery with Jeanine Bees’ engaging memoir “Life Through My Lens” and learn valuable insights about overcoming life’s problems and finding joy in the process.

About The Author

Jeanine Bees is an accomplished author dedicated to empowering individuals to live authentic and fulfilling lives. Her memoir, “Life Through My Lens,” is a powerful testament to her ability to inspire and uplift others. Bees helps individuals overcome emotional obstacles and discover their true potential through her writing and speaking engagements. Her memoir, which showcases the power of honesty and vulnerability, continues to touch the lives of readers worldwide and inspires them to embrace their authentic selves and find joy in the journey of self-discovery.

About The Book

Life Through My Lens presents the notion of embracing authenticity and finding joy in the journey. Bees’ life serves as a reminder that it is never too late to be true to oneself and find pleasure in life’s ups and downs.

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What They’re Saying About Book

“Jeanine Bees’ Life Through My Lens is a must-read for anyone on a journey of self-discovery. Her unique perspective on navigating sexuality, mental health, and finding joy in the journey has been invaluable to me. I have gained so much insight and inspiration from her candid and heartfelt writing.”


“Life Through My Lens is an inspiring memoir that has touched my heart in ways I never thought possible. Jeanine Bees’ reflections on her struggles with self-harm, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts have given me hope and strength to overcome my own challenges. Her honesty and vulnerability make this book a true gem.”


“I cannot recommend Life Through My Lens enough! This powerful memoir has helped me navigate some of the most challenging times in my life. Jeanine Bees’ story of overcoming struggles with mental health and embracing authenticity has given me the courage to seek help and find strength in my own journey.”


“Jeanine Bees’ Life Through My Lens is a true masterpiece that has changed my life for the better. Her powerful message of embracing authenticity and finding joy in the journey has been a guiding light for me. I am forever grateful for her courage and wisdom in sharing her story with the world.”


“Life Through My Lens is a deeply moving and insightful memoir that has had a profound impact on my life. Jeanine Bees’ candid writing and honest reflections on her journey of self-discovery have inspired me to embrace my true self and find joy in the journey. I am grateful for her courage and vulnerability in sharing her story.”


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